A wonderful article about how trauma affects children and how adoptive parents can deal with it. It's a slow process with lots of challenges but also many rewards.

Read adoptive Mum of two Claire Brasier's interview in the SEN magazine

Learning to love


What has been the most challenging aspect of parenting so far?

“Moving our children from a situation of mistrust to trust; it has taken a long time to prove ourselves and actions speak louder than words. Continually striving to see my children’s needs recognised, to spread the word that trauma does not disappear the day a child is adopted into a loving home. Adoption does not erase trauma overnight. Adoptive children need to be recognised with challenges just as all children from the care system are and they need a supportive environment to rewire their brains. I am big fan of being informed on neuroplasticity and I’m always learning.”

And what has been the most rewarding thing for you?

“Seeing my children develop before my eyes and to discover the childhood they truly deserve. For my daughter to move from sensory integration challenges to now horse ride with such grace and ease and to swim as strongly as a dolphin. For my son, who was so shut down as a baby, to now express his emotions better than some adults and to give back to us the mindfulness that we model for him. I have always said that the most important job I have as a parent is not to teach my children colours, the alphabet or how to count, it is one thing alone and that is how to have a loving relationship with a parent. When my children look at me and I can see for myself that they know they are loved by me, then I know I am doing a great job.”




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